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Should You Attempt to Settle a Personal Injury Case?

Should you attempt to settle a personal injury case on your own?  What is the difference between those who have an attorney and those who choose to represent themselves?

It is important to understand who you face (the insurance company and their attorneys) and a little about their tactics.  The first person who will attempt to contact you after you are injured in a car accident or motor vehicle collision is the insurance adjuster for the responsible insurance company.  This person will seem very likable and will attempt to convince you they are on your side and will get you a fast settlement for the highest possible amount.

The truth is entirely the opposite.  Insurance adjusters have one job: Get you to settle as quickly as possible for the lowest amount possible.

They are highly trained, highly skilled negotiators who ask seemingly open and straight forward questions like “how do you feel?” or “Can you tell me in your own words about the accident?”  They will use everything you say, as well as any social media post against you to reduce the value of your claim or reject it entirely.

The insurance company representatives will attempt to convince you the value of your case is much lower than provided for under Kentucky law.  They will try to use the amount of your medical bills to factor the value of your claim.  The amount of the medical bills is only one small portion of the overall personal injury settlement.

Should you attempt to settle a personal injury case on your own?  Never.  Why?  A recent study by the Insurance Research Council (IRC) shows that insurance payouts were much higher when the injured party was represented by an attorney.  This study also showed those represented by an attorney received 40% more on average in their settlements than those who didn’t have a lawyer.  A separate report by the IRC unexpectedly shows 85% of all settlements paid by the insurance companies for personal injuries in that study were paid to those who were represented by attorneys.

Only 15% of all personal injury settlement monies were paid to those who attempted to settle their own case.  The insurance company wants you to handle this on your own.  It’s simply not in your best interest.

Should you attempt to settle a personal injury case without the representation of the experienced personal injury attorneys at HLH?  The simple answer is no.  We achieve substantially better results on behalf of our clients than the original insurance offer in our cases.  We aggressively pursue the maximum, full and fair compensation our clients deserve.  We invite you to review the recommendations of former clients and the legal industry and contact HLH or call (866) 583-9701 for a free consultation today.

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