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What are the Leading Causes of Louisville Head On Accidents

What are the leading causes of Louisville head on accidents which result in injuries?  The Kentucky State Police provide detailed statistics into many aspects of Kentucky motor vehicle accidents at both a state and local level.  While there are many ways a person can be injured in a Louisville car accident the most devastating injuries … Continued

Insurance Adjuster Tactics are Designed to Reduce Your Claim

If you have been injured in a Louisville car accident it is important to know that insurance adjuster tactics are designed to reduce your claim or eliminate it.  Insurance adjusters have one job responsibility: get you to accept the lowest possible payment for your personal injury claim.  There are three typical tactics they will employ … Continued

Rear End Truck Accidents in Kentucky

Why are there so many rear end truck accidents in Kentucky each year?  Recent information released by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration provides some insight into the increase in trucks who run into other motor vehicles as well as truck collisions. The study reports it is twice as likely for a truck to rear … Continued

Louisville Teens at Risk of Pedestrian Accidents

A recent study by Safe Kids Worldwide places Louisville teens at risk of pedestrian accidents.  The most concerning data is the recent and continued rise in pedestrian injury accidents, many of which are teenagers and children.  The study shows the risk of pedestrian injury for a 16 to 19 year old Louisville teen has risen … Continued

The Locomotive Inspection Act Improves FELA Injury Claims

It is important for your FELA personal injury attorney to understand how the Locomotive Inspection Act improves FELA injury claims.  Most railroad engineers and railroad employees who work on locomotive engines might be aware of this important piece of legislation, but do they understand the impact it will have upon any resulting FELA injury claim? … Continued

A Mild Brain Injury Increases Mortality Risk within 15 Years

Did you know a mild brain injury increases mortality risk within 15 years of the accident and injury?  It has been well established in many scientific studies and journals that a mild brain injury has increased the development of alcohol and drug abuse down the road.  It has also been documented that mild brain injuries … Continued

Pedestrian Fatalities Increased in 2018

A recent study by the Governors Highway Safety Administration has shown pedestrian fatalities increased in 2018 and “pedestrian deaths in the United States are reaching epidemic proportions.”  In the past ten years, the incidence of pedestrian deaths has increased by more than 50%. According to the study most accidents involving pedestrians which are struck and … Continued

The High Risk of Work Zone Accidents

The high risk of work zone accidents in Louisville and across Kentucky should be foremost on your mind as you approach any construction zone.  Work zones are always dangerous as there are workers and heavy construction vehicles and additional congestion due to narrowing of lanes and merges.  Speeding may be a leading cause of car … Continued

Parking Lot Accidents Can Result in Serious Injuries

You may be surprised to learn that parking lot accidents can result in serious injuries.  It may also surprise you to learn that almost 20% of car accidents occur in a parking lot and the Insurance Research Institute recently reported that 14% of all motor vehicle accident claims are the result of parking lot accidents. … Continued

Pet Distractions Resulting in Car Accidents and Injuries

Should we be concerned about pet distractions resulting in car accidents and injuries here in Louisville?  We often discuss the risks of distracted driving, but this usually relates to the use of a cell phone or other activities such as eating or applying makeup.  We are all seeing more dogs in the stores we visit … Continued

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