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Traumatic Amputation and Limb Loss in a Car Accident

Serious injuries, such as traumatic amputation and limb loss in a car accident or railroad work, result in substantial medical expenses.  There are other expenses associated with this type of injury including lost wages and sometimes changes to the victim’s home and/or vehicles.  In many cases, a traumatic amputation or limb loss will require the … Continued

Increases in Medication May Be a Sign of Nursing Home Neglect

Increases in medication may be a sign of nursing home neglect in Louisville or anywhere across the State of Kentucky.  According to a recent study by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (MCS), nationally more than 17% of the patents in nursing homes and convalescent centers are given higher doses of antipsychotic medications each … Continued

Recent Study Shows Drivers Less Concerned About Speeding

Louisville area motorists may be less concerned about speeding than historically in the past.  Speed is consistently ranked as a primary factor in car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle crashes and other motor vehicle related injuries.  Many drivers may be pressed for time, and decide to speed or practice other unsafe driving habits that increase the … Continued

Wrongful death claims can have many complexities

Wrongful death claims can have many complexities.  While a wrongful death action is important for the protection of Kentucky families, they are often often not simple legal matters. For one, there are many rules and requirements in place regarding the process of bringing a wrongful death claim here in Kentucky. For example, there are restrictions … Continued

Motorcycle Fatality on Preston

Local news is reporting on another motorcycle fatality on Preston Highway.  The collision involved a motorcycle and a car.  The motorcyclist died at University Hospital.  The driver of the car and passengers were not injured.  However, this report referenced an interesting point, “Police do not expect to file any charges.”  Does this mean the motorcycle wreck … Continued

Man Died after Leaving an Assisted Living Facility

An elderly man’s body was found in Cadiz, Kentucky.  The man died after leaving an assisted living facility named Better Senior Living.  These are some of the most tragic and difficult situations for a family to understand. Our Louisville law firm has successfully handled nursing home neglect and wrongful death cases for many years.  We … Continued

Distracted Truck Drivers Have Caused Hundreds of Accidents in Kentucky

Distracted truck drivers have caused hundreds of accidents in Kentucky resulting in injuries and loss of life.  According to Collision Data provided by the Kentucky State Police, there have been hundreds of truck accidents in Kentucky over the past two years, which involve distracted driving.  Over 75% of these accidents involved a commercial truck. The … Continued

A Fatal Truck Accident in Louisville Presents Complex Legal Issues

A fatal truck accident in Louisville presents complex legal issues for the surviving family of the victim(s).  When a person loses their life in a fatal truck accident in Louisville or anywhere in Kentucky it is known as a “wrongful death.”  Under Kentucky law, a wrongful death action provides compensation to surviving family members for … Continued

The Potential Harms of a Truck Weighing Too Much

Why are there so many weigh stations in Kentucky?  What are the potential harms of a truck weighing too much on our roadways?  There are many different factors which can contribute to a tractor-trailer accident. One of the factors that we mentioned in our article which discussed common causes of truck accidents: truck weight.  There are several … Continued

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