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Kentucky Law Provides Compensation for the Family of a Wrongful Death Victim

Kentucky law provides compensation for the family of a wrongful death victim.  What types of compensation are available and who may file a wrongful death lawsuit in Louisville or across Kentucky? Generally speaking, Kentucky law defines a wrongful death as a loss of life due to the negligence of another person or entity.  Our laws … Continued

Nursing Home Prescriptions May Result in Injury or Harm for Dementia Patients

A recent study by the American Psychiatric Association (APA) cautions nursing home prescriptions may result in injury or harm for dementia patients and extended care patients in general.  The study showed drug therapy, and the use of anti-psychotics in particular, are recommended only in cases where the “potential benefits outweigh the adverse side effects” of … Continued

Common Symptoms Associated with a Brain Injury

Closed head injuries and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) are among some of the most serious injuries you may experience as the result of a car accident in Louisville.  What are some common symptoms associated with a brain injury and how can you recognize the signs of a brain injury after a motor vehicle accident? It … Continued

The Importance of UM/UIM Insurance in Hit and Run Injury Cases

What is the importance of UM/UIM insurance in hit and run injury cases?  Are you aware of the benefit and value of your own Uninsured Motorist/UnderInsured Motorist insurance and why it is so important to maximize this coverage on your own auto insurance policy? UM/UIM is exactly what it sounds like on the surface – … Continued

What Do You Need to Know About a Personal Injury Settlement?

What do you need to know about a personal injury settlement and how can you achieve the best possible outcome after suffering injuries in a car, truck or motor vehicle accident?  We are often asked “how much is my injury claim worth?” and “how long is this going to take?”  Understanding more about the process … Continued

Testing Kentucky Truck Drivers for Drugs and Alcohol

Most people are not aware that federal regulations, as well as private employment conditions, result in random checks and testing Kentucky truck drivers for drugs and alcohol.  HLH has provided a lot of information about the serious risks associated with a truck accident.  There are federal and state regulations regarding the number of hours a … Continued

You Can Recover Lost Wages After a Car Accident

When you suffer injuries in a motor vehicle accident due to someone else’s negligence you expect insurance to pay for your medical expenses.  Did you know that you can recover lost wages after a car accident as well?  Anyone who has suffered broken bones, back or neck injury or a concussion in a car accident … Continued

6 Common Causes of Louisville Car Accidents

Awareness is the key to reduce motor vehicle collision risk, and it is natural to settle into a sort of subconscious rhythm after driving for several years.  We take for granted our underlying assumption the people with whom we share the road are conscientious and cautious.  Most are. So, what are 6 common causes of … Continued

Who is Responsible for Injuries in a Louisville Construction Accident

Who is responsible for injuries in a Louisville construction accident and how can you ensure you receive full and fair compensation?  Many workers falsely believe the only source of compensation after injuries in a Louisville construction accident is workers compensation.  The experienced personal injury attorneys at HLH will help you to complete and file your … Continued

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