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The G Forces in a Louisville Motor Vehicle Accident

How do the G forces in a Louisville motor vehicle accident affect the severity of the resulting injuries?  Imagine you are driving down the road.  Your body and all of its interior bones and organs are traveling at the same speed as your car.  When your car is suddenly forced to stop (as it is … Continued

How to Avoid an Injury Accident Due to Distracted Driving

One of the leading causes of injury accidents in Louisville and across Kentucky is distracted driving.  It is important to think about how to avoid an injury accident due to distracted driving and the specific steps you can take to protect yourself and your family. The most common causes of distracted driving are cell phone … Continued

The Importance of Legal Industry Recognition when Selecting an Injury Attorney

What is the importance of legal industry recognition when selecting an injury attorney?  How can a non-legal person know which awards genuinely honor excellence in the legal profession, and which awards are more for show? The key to this question lies in the fact that not all personal injury attorneys are alike.  There are unfortunately … Continued

An Injury Claim for Broken Ribs in a Car Accident

An injury claim for broken ribs in a car accident must take many factors into account.  The attorneys at Hargadon, Lenihan & Herrington, PLLC have represented accident and injury victims in Louisville and across Kentucky since 1924.  We can tell you, first hand, there is more than what meets the eye to successfully completing an … Continued

Rehabilitation for Brain Injuries

The cost of rehabilitation for brain injuries is an important part of the long term medical expenses which should be included in an insurance settlement.  HLH has consistently supported work on recovery and rehabilitation for brain injuries across our decades of service in Louisville. One of our HLH partners is a member of the Brain … Continued

Herniated Discs and Other Back Injuries are Common in Motorcycle Accidents

While many motorcyclists wear protective clothing, Kevlar armor and a helmet, they are not protected by layers of metal, airbags and other protections provided by other motor vehicles.  Herniated discs and other back injuries are common in motorcycle accidents in Louisville and throughout Kentucky. The vertebrae of your spinal column are separated by fluid-filled discs … Continued

HLH Fights for Our Clients to Hold Responsible Drivers Financially Accountable

While most Kentucky drivers understand we all share responsibility for safety on the road, far too many make decisions which have serious consequences.  Many Louisville area drivers still tend to go to fast, fail to properly yield in intersections and even drive while under the influence.  HLH fights for our clients to hold responsible drivers … Continued

DUI Injury Accidents and Wrongful Death Are Caused by Many Different Substances

DUI injury accidents and wrongful death are caused by many different substances in Louisville and throughout Kentucky.  While alcohol is still the primary ingredient in many DUIs, it is more than just alcohol which can impair a Louisville driver.  Even though you know you would never drive while impaired there is still a genuine risk … Continued

Road Rash Injuries in a Motorcycle Accident

With the advent of Summer more motorcyclists are getting out and enjoying the country roads and state routes in and outside of the Louisville area.  Unfortunately this means an increase in motorcycle accidents resulting in injuries.  While many of these accidents result in broken bones and fractures or more serious injuries most will include “road … Continued

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